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Welcome to Teeth And Smile, where your oral health is our priority. we are a dedicated team of experienced dental professionals committed to providing exceptional care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Our mission is to promote and maintain optimal oral health for our patients.

Who We Are

Teeth and Smile is  conveniently located -with ample parking space – in the upscale residential area of MMalam road Gulberg 3 Lahore. We are the dental care facility in the area. Owned by Dr Hamza Niaz Khan and his team. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized, advanced, and compassionate dentistry. Discover excellence in every smile.

we are the best

Building Trust With Every Smile.

We prioritize open communication, ethical practices, and personalized care to create a foundation of trust that lasts beyond your visit. From routine check-ups to complex procedures, we strive to instill confidence in every aspect of your dental experience. Our dedicated team understands the importance of trust in the patient-dentist relationship and works tirelessly to earn and maintain it.

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Latest Technology

At Teeth And Smile we are proud to incorporate cutting-edge technologies to deliver state-of-the-art dental care. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of dental innovation ensures that our patients benefit from the latest advancements in the field

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The Excellence, Innovation, Trust!

We commit to upholding the highest standards in our work, consistently pursuing outstanding performance and quality to exceed expectations. Embracing creativity and forward-thinking, we actively seek new ideas, methods, and solutions to drive positive change and stay ahead in a dynamic environment.We prioritize transparency, integrity, and reliability, cultivating trust in our relationships and partnerships through consistent and ethical behavior. By combining a commitment to excellence with a culture of innovation and trust, we create a collaborative environment that encourages growth, creativity, and shared success.


Our dental clinic boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to delivering top-notch oral care.

Proven Results

With a track record of successful outcomes and satisfied patients, choosing our dental clinic ensures you receive the quality care you deserve

Advanced Technology

We leverage cutting-edge dental technologies for precise diagnostics, efficient treatments, and enhanced patient comfort.

Comprehensive Services

From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our clinic offers a wide range of dental services to address diverse oral health needs.

we are the best

Your smile is our


Satisfied Costumers

At [Your Clinic Name], we believe in the perfect harmony of cutting-edge technology and a gentle touch. With a team of dedicated professionals boasting years of combined experience, we strive to provide an unparalleled dental care experience in a calm and relaxing environment. Your smile is our priority.

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